I’m going to try and recharge my blogging routine by bringing back “The Browser” with a different name – “Fingertips.”

TMBG outdid themselves on their album Apollo 18 by including a blast of fleeting songs called “Fingertips”… five-to-ten-second hooks that you can’t get out of your head.

Similarly, my blog’s Fingertips will be a list of miscellaneous links and interesting trivia that I found worthy of sharing.

For example:

What may be the most creative work inspired by Winter 2010 so far: Optimus Ice Sculpture.

Got the idea?

Here are some more:

  • 60 Minutes talks with Bono, The Edge, and Julie Taymor about the Spider-man broadway show. See the webslinger in action!
  • My friend Ron Reed is blogging through Advent, inspired by the same text that Anne and I are reading as we celebrate the season and anticipate Christmas: God With Us. Read along with me and Ron.
  • How often do we see real heroes getting the ovation they deserve?
  • Here’s a picture I snapped backstage after the last show of Over the Rhine’s West Coast tour in November. This fantastic Seattle concert featured Lucy Roche Wainwright as an opener, where she led the audience in a singalong of Bruce Springsteen’s “Hungry Heart.”
  • Finally, here’s a shot of snow from my backyard a couple of weeks ago. If you ever need evidence that beauty “speaks”… just look at a blanket of unbothered snow.