Okay, I’m running late with these photo contest results, but better late than never.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Raven’s Ladder photo contest, spreading the word about The Auralia Thread with creative photographs of the books!

Here are the winners!


Cheryl Russell’s efforts to celebrate the series are beyond compare. She put together quite a gallery of photos, and continued to send them long after the deadline. (She already had the contest wrapped up by then, so that was just icing on the cake.) She’ll receive the complete trilogy!

Here are some photos from her gallery:

The Auralia Thread raiding the pantry.

Raven’s Ladder at the Rockin’ Rollercoaster at Hollywood Studios.

Raven’s Ladder at Pixar’s Pizza Planet.

Raven’s Ladder finds Nemo.

Raven’s Ladder at the “Expedition Everest” (roller coaster in Animal Kingdom).

Raven’s Ladder befriending a purple puffdragon.

The Auralia Thread staying fit with Wii.

Raven’s Ladder in style.

The Auralia sled…

And then there were many other great entries. I chose these four as “runners-up,” and the photographers will receive copies of Raven’s Ladder.

Esther Lopresto hopes no one notices she’s been reading in the bookstore for hours.

Jennifer Fuchikawa dresses up to read The Auralia Thread, and she has a pet puffdragon.

David Kimball’s Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppies like the scenes that involve the hound named Hagah or the cat called Dukas.

Yvonne Heimann knows the right way to read Auralia’s Colors.

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