What’s this? As busy as I am, I’m now blogging on yet another site?

Beauty and the Feast is my new blog at ConversantLife.com.

It begins with ConversantLife asking me five questions about myself, about fantasy (you know, that Satanic pagan myth stuff), and about what it’s like to be a Christian and a storyteller. They also ask me if I’m a lot of fun at parties. You know, they have to ask these things so they can make sure I’m not a terrorist sneaking past their security. Me, I replied to each question by talking about my passions… like Anne Overstreet, for example.

My work at ConversantLife will continue with intermittent blasts of curiosity, contemplation, and maybe even a dash of ranting, as I pay visits to their big round table over the coming months. I’ll be discussing art, faith, and fantasy. Surprise.

I’m grateful for the invitation to join their conversation. They’re just so… conversant!