Reporter Bekah Grim of The Washington Times wanted to know why I don’t get excited about “Christian movies.”

So I took a long, deep breath, tried to remain calm, tried to avoid R-rated language, and I told her.

(Note: The article says I used the word “propagandic.” I’ve never heard of that. I’m pretty sure I said “propagandistic”… but it’s too late to do anything about that now.)

I’m a film reviewer because I love great art, especially movies. You would think that a filmmaker who’s interested in crafting a beautiful, meaningful work of art would be interested in a thoughtful critique.

But Kim Dawson, producer of the upcoming Christian movie Letters to God responds: “We’re not really concerned with film critics. We’re concerned with the people in the theater who are going to get touched while watching these movies.”

Yeah, see, that’s the thing. I’m concerned about the people in the theater seats too. I’m concerned about how they are being… um… touched. There’s all kinds of touching, you know.

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