No, not quite.

But the truth is even better.

Image is hosting yet another week of art, conversation, lectures, concerts, food, and friendship in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico this August.

And I’m thrilled and honored to be hosting a week-long seminar: “Beyond Blockbusters: Entering the Mind of Contemplative Cinema.” We’re going to look at work by some of the world’s master filmmakers, discuss their methods, and then share personal reflections on what we see in and through the films.

You’re invited.

For all of the details, check the information at Image.

I hope to see you there… even if you sign up for one of the other intriguing workshops and seminars. I wish I could attend them all. The faculty include Rodney Clapp, Lauren Winner, Barry Moser, B.H. Fairchild, Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist, Mary McCleary, Marilyn Nelson, Melissa Pritchard, Joel Sheesley, and Bradford Winters. And since I’ve been to five Glen Workshops now, I can tell you that the community is full of wonderful, inspiring accomplished artists, and new visionaries whose company I eagerly anticipate all year.

Did I mention that Over the Rhine will do a concert for us while we’re there?

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