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One of the most surreal moments in my adventures online:

Hearing the news about Obama’s Nobel prize, I signed in to Twitter and sent out a frivolous Tweet. And then… it ended up at The Atlantic.


Newsweek interviews Maurice Sendak about Where the Wild Things Are.

For those who love the book, it might be a good idea to read this, in order to prepare you for a film that is… well… not at all a simple, straightforward adaptation of the book.


I had lunch with author Robert Clark yesterday, right before driving him to Seattle Pacific University for his reading from Dark Water: Art, Disaster, and Redemption in Florence. It’s an extraordinary book. And it was then that I learned that, on the previous night, Clark received the Washington State Book Award for Nonfiction for that very volume. Congratulations, Robert!


My coworkers have launched a site for Seattle Pacific University’s business magazine: Ethix. Nice work, friends!


Bruce Springsteen, U2, Neko Case to hit Elvis Costello’s TV show


Tom Waits’ new double-live album Glitter and Doom will include AN ENTIRE DISC OF STAGE BANTER. And if you go to Tom Waits’ official page, you can download the first eight songs for free.


Rock has a new swing. Read or hear NPR’s story on Darcy James Argue. Get the scoop on some of the most exciting music I’ve heard in ’09.


At long last, David Rawlings has his own album.


Yes, my friend Todd was once in a Star Wars band. And it rocked. Listen to “Scoundrel.”


The Onion drops the comedy act, starts telling the truth: Vince Vaughn Appears On ‘Tonight Show’ To Deceive Country About Latest Film Earlier: ‘Entertainment Weekly’ Critic Lets Director Redo ‘Sorority Row’ For Better Grade


25 Modern Movie Illustrations: Which is your favorite? And speaking of great posters, check out the new Dr. Parnassus poster!


Oh dear. “Moses story will be told using same green screen strategy as ‘300’…will feel more like that… or ‘Braveheart’…”


Pastor Earl Palmer visits The Kindlings Muse to discuss one of my favorite books: G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy.


Just Tweeted by Roger Ebert:
Hitchcock and Tom Snyder, 1973, one hour long, long-lost interview, rediscovered. Droll. Good quality video.

And now this… and this…

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