Here are a few words from Aaron Strumpel, the guy responsible for Elephants, my favorite record of ’09 so far…

i hope you are well today. i’m going to attempt long’s peak here in colorado but i’ve heard it’s stormed up there for 2 weeks straight. at least i’ve got some hotdogs packed. 🙂

hey, i just wanted to share a couple of things. if you have the elephants and love it, you can jump up and down and say, ‘i knew i liked this because i’ve got great taste and instinct!’, if you don’t have the album, you should probly grab one off my website or itunes or something. i am selling digitally from my site if you care about cutting out middle-man stuff.

i can’t do this without ya’ll’s help, so get on your blogs and write about the album, put on some headphones, journal as you listen, be cathartic. it’ll be cool to read your reactions, and it’ll probly clear some space in your soul too. 🙂


check it out:
http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2009/july/20.59.html – this one has gone to print in july’s edition


http://www.relevantmagazine.com/features-reviews/reviews/music-reviews/16682-album-review-aaron-strumpel-elephants –

they are also sending the album to every one in their resourcing kit deal – http://www.neueresources.com/directory.php

And speaking of Elephants, here’s a great little video about those tusked wonders.