It’s been a busy week. Not only am I spending about five hours every evening on the revisions to Raven’s Ladder, the third volume in The Auralia Thread, but I helped launch a new blog this week.

Yep, a new blog.

Working as a contributing editor for Response magazine, and spending my weekdays with a team of creative writers and designers, I invest most of my creative energy into strengthening the life of Seattle Pacific University. And I’m proud of it. My parents attended SPU, and so did I. And I enjoy every opportunity to work with these thoughtful, dynamic people. It’s also a joy to live half of my week on SPU’s beautiful campus, and stay in touch with some of my favorite professors.

This week has been exciting. I got to play a small part in launching a new blog by the president of our university: Philip W. Eaton.

You can check out Saturday Morning from My Study here.

Here the announcement:

Seattle Pacific University is announcing “Saturday Morning From My Study,” a blog by SPU President Philip W. Eaton. In this blog, Eaton will share his thoughts about big ideas, current events, and cultural trends and concerns. His aim? To engage blog visitors in a conversation about how the Christian gospel speaks into today’s culture in order to make the world a better place.

“I hope never to strike the posture that I’ve got all the answers,” Eaton explains, “because I know that’s not the case. The posture here will be, ‘These are my thoughts. I care about these things. Now tell me what you think.’”

You’re invited to read Eaton’s posts and book reviews, watch exclusive videos, and hear about special offers relating to the subject matter. Most importantly, you’re invited to join this important conversation on “things that matter.” Together we can envision a world, Eaton says, “where hope abounds, where all God’s children might flourish.”


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