I have a recording of my friend Nathan Partain singing a hymn called “Jesus is Mine.” I’m grateful to have his permission to share it with you.

If you’re interested in the history of the hymn, you can read about the history of the hymn here, in this excerpt from The Complete Book of Hymns.

I had never heard it, though, until Nathan wrote a new arrangement and performed it at Green Lake Presbyterian church. It moved me to tears, and remains, for me, the song in my music collection that moves me most deeply. I have no desire to entertain morbid thoughts, but this is the song I hope someone will sing at my funeral. And there’d be nobody I know who could sing it better. I suspect I’ll be singing it when I rise to meet my Lord, and I’ll be singing it tomorrow morning when I rise to join the Body of Christ in celebrating a joyous Easter.

I hope it blesses you too.

Okay, Nathan… sing it.

Play: “Jesus is Mine”

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