Here’s one of the best U2 interviews I’ve seen, filmed in Fez.

It’s not a very *professional* interview — the interviewer asks redundant questions and keeps getting interrupted. But the band seems relaxed, in good humor, and full of surprising answers. You’ll find out who Larry Mullen Jr.’s favorite band (besides U2) really is. And you’ll find out what “Get On Your Boots” really about. Biggest surprise: The call to prayer begins in the town behind them, and the band chooses to stop the interview out of respect until it’s over.

Thanks to Adam Walter for this list of top ten lists from filmmakers and critics. This will surely inspire me to revise my Netflix queue.

Feel free to share your top ten in the Comments!

Buddy Miller talks about the new Buddy and Julie Miller album Written in Chalk. Which, by the way, is so filled with beautiful sadness that it’s almost too much to absorb in one listen.


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