At long last, the new issue of Response is here.

Yes, this is what I do at my day job. All day, almost every day. I work with an amazing and inspiring team of writers, editors, photographers, and freelancers. It looks like a university marketing piece, but that’s far too narrow a definition for it. It’s a magazine about faith, culture, and every discipline that students at SPU explore. It’s not about us — it’s about the world, as seen through the eyes of folks at Seattle Pacific.

I get rather excited when I have something I can share with you from this aspect of my life.

In this issue, I’ve written an article about the progress of partnerships that are cultivating reconciliation throughout Seattle. I don’t think I’ve ever spent more time and energy on a feature article before. I am very, very pleased to offer it to you all… free of charge.

Send your mailing address to me at my office email address — — and I’ll sign you up for a free subscription to this magazine. If you want *this issue*, you’ll have to request that specifically, as it’s already been mailed out to subscribers.