Cynthia writes:

Hello from hot and humid Singapore! I have become a fan of your blog for about 2 years now. It was introduced by a friend of mine who lives in LA. Generally I don’t trust film critics, but I found an unpretentious opinion and style in your writing. I found myself going back to the blog over and over again, just to keep up with what’s happening in the film world because obviously in this part of the world, we rarely get the non-blockbuster, mainstream, art-house/indie type of flicks. …
The main reason I’m writing is to congratulate you on The Auralia’s Thread. It was a surprise to find Auralia’s Colors in the book shelf of Singapore’s BORDERS and when Cyndere’s Midnight was released, I tried my luck only to find it, once again. It’s amazing how powerful words can be; I probably wouldn’t be able to sum up Auralia’s stories in a few sentences but I sure can describe the visuals running through my head. It was as if your words are like the threads to the images of Auralia’s world and once the images conjured up in your mind… they took over the words. Strange.
Have fun in your book tours, readings and other promotional obligations. I love Seattle, and how I wish I could go to one of your readings. It is a perfect city for hearing Auralia’s adventures over a good cup of coffee. Thank you.