Johnny Depp will soon add to his impressive list of characters by playing:

A) John Dillinger

B) The Mad Hatter


C) Tonto?


ALL OF THE ABOVE, according to stories at MTV and Ain’t It Cool.

Michael Mann’s next film, with Depp as Dillinger, is already in production. This Mad Hatter business has been widely reported before, as details of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland emerge.

But Tonto? Hmmmm. Who will be his Ranger?

Please tell me it isn’t Orlando Bloom.

Meanwhile, in other astonishing casting news:

I’ll be playing the role of myself tomorrow night, at 7 p.m. at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park. I’ll be talking about how my new novel, Cyndere’s Midnight, took shape. It’s a beauty and the beast story, but I’ll be focusing on the beasts, and we’ll reminisce together about our favorite monsters, from Cookie Monster to the Balrog to the Joker. Then I’ll answer questions, sign books, and enjoy some conversation, food, and drink in Third Place’s excellent food court.

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