Well, I woke up to a very nice surprise.

Many thanks to Jake Chism for his enthusiasm!

Jeffrey Overstreet continues to awe and inspire with this second strand of the Auralia Thread. This is fantasy writing at the highest level and every line drips with moving prose and breathtaking description. Overstreet possesses the rare talent that allows him to methodically pace his narrative, all the while keeping the reader hanging on every word. It is impossible to fly through this story and at no time will you want to.

Cyndere’s Midnight is a beautiful tale laced with themes of love, honor, and justice. Jordam’s character is a wonder to behold as he struggles against his dark nature in the fight to embrace all that is right and true. Cyndere’s unyielding compassion for her rightful enemy will leave your heart soaring long after the last line.

As we journey further into this series, more revelations are brought to light that give the story an added dose of excitement. However, the larger mysteries still linger with promises of revelation in the final two installments. Overstreet also treats us to some intriguing new characters as well as bringing back the favorites from the first book. Yes, even the beloved ale boy is back!

If you are looking for a fresh new fantasy voice, then look no further. Jeffrey Overstreet will take you on a wondrous journey unlike anything you have ever experienced.

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