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Here are a few more answers to questions I’ve been asked about Cyndere’s Midnight.

Is this one of those sequels where things get much darker?

I’m afraid so. But then, this book focuses on characters who were only glimpsed as villainous predators in the previous volume. In order to understand them better, we’ll have to spend some time with them. Proceed with caution. I don’t want anybody having nightmares.

Do we learn more about the history of the beastmen?

Quite a bit more, actually. We also learn that there are savage, heartless beastmen working with the teams who design campaign attack ads for both Obama and McCain.

What exactly *is* “Cyndere’s midnight”?

I suspect there will be different answers to that question.

Is Dukas the cat back?


In Auralia’s Colors, there were references to some of your favorite singers and songs. Does that continue?



When Cyndere’s Midnight begins, how much time has passed in since Auralia’s Colors ended?

Auralia’s Colors ended as winter moved in and buried the Expanse in snow. Then, there was a last glimpse of Cal-raven as spring began to unfold.

Cyndere’s Midnight opens with a scene set a few years earlier. Then, Chapter One takes place during the autumn *near* the end of Auralia’s Colors, and goes on to cover things that happen during that harsh winter. When we catch up with Cal-raven and his people, we find that winter is about to come back, interrupt spring’s beginnings, and pound the land one more time. Global warming in the Expanse, perhaps?

In a movie, who would you cast as Cyndere?

Zooey Deschanel. She’s a strong dramatic actress, but rarely gets the chance to prove it. Have you seen All the Real Girls? And as her friend Emeriene, I pictured Juliette Binoche as she was in Kieslowski’s Three Colors: Blue.