The Wall Street Journal and a Wascally Wabbit

Billy Collins pays tribute to his heroes… Looney Toons characters.

Distortions and villifications

In view of Dobson’s words about Obama, Stephen Lamb asks, “What hope is there for democracy?” And he offers some notable quotes.

Tom Waits’ song for the decapitated?

The funniest thing about this Tom Waits concert review is that the reviewer refers to the classic song “Hang Down Your Head” as… wait for it… “Hand Down Your Head.”

The Middle-Earth Muddle

An update on the Lawsuits of the Rings.

How to Write a Movie

Some tips from the writer of Millions, 24-Hour Party People, Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story

Mozart or Salieri?

Listen to clips, and make your guess. Which composer is responsible for each?

Thanks to Martin Stillion for the link.

Christianity on the move in China

GetReligion has a post on the progress of Christianity in China.


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