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Small wonders

At The Onion AV Club (via Cinematical), they’re counting down their favorite one-scene wonders. What’s you’re favorite?

Personally, I cannot argue with their pick for #1.

But what about Steve Martin in The Muppet Movie?

Or Crispin Glover in Dead Man?

Or David Bowie in Zoolander?

Or Cate Blanchett in Hot Fuzz?

I Am America, and N.T. Wright Can Too…

How did I miss this? Stephen Colbert welcomed N.T. Wright last week!

Some Books and Culture for your summer

Elissa Elliott has your summer reading list at Books and Culture.

Leigh Nash We Have Heard Online

Billboard is giving us a snippet of Sixpence None the Richer‘s upcoming Christmas album, The Dawn of Grace.

Enough with the Pixar-bashing

It’s no secret: There’s a scene in Wall-E in which a buffoonish president uses the words, “Stay the course.” Conservative bloggers are already lining up to denounce Pixar for Dubya-bashing. (In fact, the line became a comedy catch-phrase back when Dana Carvey was doing his impression of the first President Bush. Remember? “Stayyyy the course… a thousand points of light….”) Well, let’s see what Stanton has to say about that, before we blow anything grossly out of proportion spoil what is probably a delightful movie.

MoviesOnline: You do use the phrase “Stay the course” in the movie. That’s a pretty overt political statement.

ANDREW STANTON: It just was such a natural thing to say at the time. I said “Screw it! It’s funny.”

People have been poking fun at presidents for their “pet phrases” for decades, Republican or Democrat. Let’s not villainize Pixar for making a smirking reference in their script. There are so few filmmakers out there who make memorable, timeless entertainment that the whole family can enjoy. Do we really want to stain families’ enjoyment of Wall-E by making a big stink over… this?

“I Want More Life, F—er.”

Jason Morehead is looking closer at Ridley Scott’s revisions in Blade Runner: The Final Cut, like a revision to Roy Baddy’s famous line: “I want more life… Father.” (Hmm. That sure isn’t what he *used* to say!)

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