Mark Moring responds to a chorus of angry readers regarding why Christianity Today Movies bothered to post a review of Sex and the City.

Mark’s response is calm and thoughtful, which is the best way to respond to hysteria and outrage.

(And this isn’t the first time CTMovies has printed an answer to mail of that sort.)

I get mail of this sort every single week. Usually, I don’t answer them because the tone of the letters make it clear that the writers aren’t ready to listen, and they don’t want a thoughtful answer — they’ve already made up their minds and they just want to lash out.

But beneath the fury and self-righteous rage, there are some important questions that, when asked carefully and with humility, can lead us into a meaningful conversation. Once in a while, I get letters that ask the same questions, but those who are asking show respect and a desire to think things through. They show up without carrying torches and daggers. It was for those folks that I took the time to address questions about R-rated art as fully as I knew how, and I called it Through a Screen Darkly. I wanted to pass on the things I learned from some patient and thoughtful teachers who had the heart to wait until I’d worn myself out with my own self-righteous anger. When I was finally ready to listen, they responded with wisdom and a deep understanding of scripture. If Through a Screen Darkly will deliver to a new audience some of the insights that they gave to me, I’ll declare it a mission accomplished.

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