On my way home from New Orleans, I felt a sore throat and a fever come on quite suddenly. The six hours of flying were most unpleasant I’ve ever endured. I don’t recommend flying with the flu.

So I’m home, and I’ll probably be asleep for the next 24 hours.

A few quick notes:

My friend Greg Wright was listening to a teleconference on the movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, and guess what happened: PZ Myers crashed *that* party as well! Here’s Greg’s report! Wow, Myers’ hysterical protests are is making me more and more interested in seeing this film all the time.

Meanwhile, I’m a bit disgruntled with the Expelled team myself for publishing one of my blog posts without my permission. Nobody called. Nobody inquired. They just lifted it and posted it. They didn’t even have the courtesy to provide a link to my original post, in which I gave context to the section that they posted. [UPDATE: I’ve received an apology, and a link has been added to the Expelled site. I’m fine with that.]

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