Scott Derrickson on U23D

Filmmaker Scott Derrickson found some time in the middle of his hard work on The Day the Earth Stood Still to comment on my euphoric reaction to U23D. He writes:

I had a very similar experience Jeffrey. The new Technology is astounding, and I now understand why Cameron is obsessed with it. It’s a new kind of cinema. There is no frame. It’s not something you watch, it’s something you’re IN. And like you, I’m so glad the experience of the technology was matched by the performance of my favorite band. Truly amazing, on many levels.

Then author Robert Keeley emailed me to express his agreement with my footnote about Bono’s controversial concert headband. Turns out he blogged about this [correction…] two years ago!

Another LeConte LeComedy

The director of The Widow of St. Pierre looks like he’s still in the mood for wacky comedy. His next film‘s about a ski resort. I still haven’t seen My Best Friend, so I have some catching up to do.

Del Toro’s Hobbit update

The road goes ever, ever on in the saga of the troubled Hobbit production.


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