Where does Evan Almighty rate higher than No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood?

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(Earlier, the CT Movies Critics Choice awards.)

The Passion of the Screenwriter

A screenwriter sued Mel Gibson and his production company on Monday, claiming he was misled by the actor-director into accepting a small payment for writing “The Passion of the Christ,” and was refused extra money when the film became a blockbuster.

More at Peter Chattaway’s FilmChat.

Juno needs to know that it’s possible for two people to agree on her Oscar chances…

Juno continues to win praise in this article by A.G. Harmon on the (newly redesigned!) site for Image journal.

…what Knocked Up begins, director Jason Reitman’s Juno perfects. The latter is a comedy in the way Flannery O’Connor meant comedy: as the best vehicle for the most profound of things. For the dialogue alone, Juno would be a triumph.

But the reviewer at Louisiana State University is not so dazzled.

“Juno” is a harmless delight, but in retrospect, it is a scantily sketched picture. On closer inspection, it fails to say anything significant about the travails of a pregnant 16-year-old, the effect of the pregnancy on her family or the difficulties in securing an adoption. Its success lies in keeping audiences entertained for 90 minutes; after that time, its hold on the mind wanes.

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