By the grace of God, in 2008 I will:

  • Finish the best sequel to Auralia’s Colors that I’m capable of writing in the time available to me.
  • Be slow to anger, and quick to cultivate civil discussion here at the blog and beyond.
  • Grow in my appreciation of great art, especially filmmaking.
  • Along those lines: Watch more old movies, and more films from other parts of the world.
  • Become a better blogger.
  • Bring order to that catastrophe upstairs that I call “my study.”
  • Avoid taking on too many stressful projects at one time.
  • Sing more. And loudly. In the car, where I won’t hurt anybody.
  • Spend more time reading scripture. Because I never regret it when I do.
  • Pray more often.
  • Give thanks more often. To God and everyone.

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