The Coens and The Golden Compass

You can now download my conversation with radio show host Paul Edwards as we discuss the Coen Brothers’ No Country for Old Men… and then the controversy surrounding The Golden Compass.

The Coens… They’re Not Nihilists

Among people who write about movies, few writers capture my attention as consistently as the insightful Matt Zoller Seitz.

And now he’s eloquently making an argument for what I’ve always believed about the Coen Brothers: That, for all of their antics, their stories reflect a strong moral sense… and¬†an inclination for theological inquiry. I know that I’m inclined to be hyperbolic, but I don’t care: This is by far the best examination of this film I’ve yet encountered — and maybe the most thoughtful, revealing piece on the Coens yet written.

The Harrelson Coincidence (?)

And speaking of the Coens, Peter Chattaway just pointed me to a blog that raises a fascinating question about No Country for Old Men.

Through the Burton Glass

It was only a matter of time.

Tim Burton is going to direct Alice in Wonderland for Disney. But here’s the surprise. It’ll be in 3D. (And he’ll do another project with Disney too. How do I put this? Man, there’s just no safe way to talk about Burton’s famous short Frankenwenie becoming a full-length, 3D Frankenweenie.)

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