I’ve seen Over the Rhine play live fifteen times now.

Thursday night’s show was a blast. But Friday’s night’s second show in Seattle was one of the very best performances I’ve seen by any band anywhere. They were on fire.

They played:

  • I Don’t Want to Waste Your Time
  • Fever
  • I Want You to Be My Love
  • Let’s Spend the Day in Bed
  • Entertaining Thoughts
  • Nothing is Innocent
  • The Trumpet child
  • Who’m I Kiddin’ But Me
  • Trouble
  • And Can It Be
  • Drunkard’s Prayer
  • North Pole Man
  • Goodbye Charles
  • Ohio
  • BPD
  • Orphan Girl


  • Hush Now
  • If A Song Could Be President
  • Don’t Wait for Tom

Second Encore

  • Latter Days

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