On this day in history

Tuesday, September 4th,

– the Red Strand of The Auralia Thread –


in stores online and in your neighborbood…

place like this, this, this, this, and this*.

Join me in celebrating the fulfillment

of a lifelong dream.

(And then let me know what you think of the book…

because I’m in the middle of revising the second one,

the Blue Strand of The Auralia Thread,

and your opinions and ideas will make a difference.)

*Want to play a big part in Auralia’s success? Here are three ideas:

  • Call your local bookstore¬†and ask them if they have Auralia’s Colors in stock.¬†If they don’t, ask them to get some in. If you tell them you want to order a copy, I’m fairly certain they’ll get it. Tell them about auraliascolors.com, if they have any questions.

  • Do your Christmas shopping now! Buy copies of Auralia’s Colors THIS WEEK for your friends and family, and package them up for Christmas.

  • Recommend Auralia’s Colors to others on your Facebook page, MySpace, or on your blog. And include a link to auraliascolors.com.

Thanks so much to all of you who have been so encouraging, and who have contributed to this exciting day. I feel like a parent sending a child off to college. I suppose there will be days when I think of things I might have done differently in raising her. But… for better or worse… there she goes, my wild and beautiful girl. into an exciting future. She’s yours now. Treat her kindly, and she just might give you something back.

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