I received this note from a reader in response to something I mentioned in my review of Stardust:

After following the Focus on the Family link about Harry Potter in the Looking Closer review of Stardust, I went to Focus’s homepage, and the first story was Dr. Dobson talking about the dearth of examples of sacrificial heroes in today’s culture.

Sometimes I like irony, sometimes it just makes me sad.

I have nothing to add to that.

Oh, by the way, I’ve written a review of the latest Harry Potter movie, but haven’t had a chance to post it yet. Stay tuned, I’ll get to it eventually…

(P.S. Someone has complained that the above contains a spoiler. But the quote only implies that the story has something to say about sacrificial heroes. It doesn’t name any sacrificial heroes, nor does it say anything about the nature of any kind of sacrifice made in the story. It only implies that the Potter story has something to say about sacrificial heroes. I don’t think that’s really a spoiler.)