Hey, I just take the pictures. Who am I to ignore the power of what this image tells me?

But seriously…

I hereby announce, with an overwhelming sense of gratitude, that Auralia’s Colors has arrived.

I have arrived at the destination of a journey that began when I was seven years old. I keep thinking back to all of the teachers along the way… third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade, and on… who told me that I would someday be a published storyteller. And I thank them for their confidence in me. I have many more to thank as well, like my parents, and WaterBrook Press, and Lee Hough, and so many more who I listed in the acknowledgments, so….

Hey, thank you! Not only for keeping me company here at Looking Closer, which has made all of the hard work more interesting and enjoyable. Special thanks to those who have given me a vote of confidence by pre-ordering the book! (It’s only $11.19 at Amazon. Wow.)

Now the most exciting part begins… sharing Auralia with the world.

YOU CAN HELP: If you would like to review it for a website, a magazine, a newsletter, or something else, let me know right away at joverstreet [at] gmail [dot] com.

If you know someone else who would review it, or have a magazine to recommend for a review, let me know that as well. Thanks! That would be very helpful.

The book is dedicated to Anne, who was there when I began to dream up the story while hiking through the woods beside Flathead Lake, Montana. She was the inspiration for this story.

My neice Amelia, who happens to have a cousin named “Auralia” (who was, in fact,¬†named after the character in the book).

Rachel Beatty, who illustrated an extraordinary map for the book, lives just two blocks from our house, and has been a dear friend for many years. (When Anne and I got married, she illustrated the invitation!)

Remember… you’re all invited to join me at one (or both) of the release parties in September. You’ll find details in the column on the right side of your screen.

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