CrimsonLine over at writes:

I saw it with some friends last night, and as an adult, channeling my inner eight-year-old, I liked it. Great robot action, cool military stuff, and some funny bits. About halfway through it stopped making sense, and a lot of the dialogue in the second half was incredibly clunky. But the bulk of it was big, loud, and fun. For me, as an adult.

But I watched it also through the lens of my five-year-old son, who LOVES Transformers, and is dying to see this movie. We’ve downloaded hundreds of pictures, seen every trailer, and he has many of the toys, having just had a birthday. And I came home sad that I can’t show him the movie, even fast-forwarding through bits, because there are just too many bits, and they pervade the film. From the constant use of the “s-word” to the non-stop horndog jokes, about masturbation, virginity, and sex in general, the loving shots of Megan Fox’s cleavage, and the way Michael Bay moves his camera around her midriff like she’s a shiny object that he wants us to long for, this film is wall-to-wall stuff I don’t want my son seeing. It was heartbreaking this morning when he asked me, “Is the Transformers Movie good for little boys, daddy?” No, son. It’s probably not even good for me.

It’s a pity. There’s a lot of fun stuff in there, and I like the message that there is no victory without sacrifice (even though it’s a message that is just a repeated line of dialogue rather than a deeply-embedded theme). But this movie’s view of women is not one that I want my son to imbibe.

Reprinted with permission.

Nevertheless, the Christian pop-culture magazine Infuze loves it.

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