Doug Cummings turned in his last batch of reviews from the Los Angeles Film Festival today, and they include his response to Danny Boyle’s sci-fi thriller Sunshine.

I’ve heard from one of you that Danny Boyle’s Sunshine is the best film you’ve seen this year.

Cummings disagrees.

I couldn’t have been more disappointed by the film, which I found to be tedious, empty, and a complete waste of time. Sure, it’s got elaborate digital effects, great set design, and a thundering soundtrack, but what doesn’t these days? Rather than a partly philosophical piece, the film plays like a cross between a disaster film and a slasher movie. It has a pretty ridiculous premise that is never remotely developed…

The film’s ultimate function is to showcase its effects and shocks as it devises more and more elaborate ways of killing characters in visually appealing and heart-stopping ways. It has fewer ideas than Children of Men, which is saying something (or an average episode of Star Trek). And its technical accomplishment … only intensifies its inanity: it’s a digital drug, pure and simple, hoping you’ll leave the theater breathless before forgetting about it completely and moving on to dinner.

I haven’t seen it yet.