Leif Hansen is a curious fellow.

Curious in that he asks a lot of questions.

So it’s a good thing that he’s got a podcast, and special guests to field his questions.

Wonderosity is Hansen’s podcast, where he wonders as he wanders out under the sky.

And today, he found me. And we talked. About movies. Especially: Wings of Desire, Punch-drunk Love, The Big Kahuna, Babette’s Feast (although I admit, I said a little too much about the ending).

Here I’ll spoil the big surprise for you: I never once mentioned The New World.

You can find a description of the show here.

And you can download the full conversation here.

It was broadcast live, which means that Hansen didn’t have a chance to edit a couple of technical hiccups, but they’re minor, and that just adds to the truth of it: That it was a spontaneous, lively chat.