Here’s Andrew O’Hehir on “the abortion movie nobody wants to see (but everyone probably should).”

Unborn in the USA may likewise infuriate many pro-choice viewers, since it pretty much allows pro-lifers to form their arguments and make their case without rebuttal. As the film demonstrates, this is a movement that has grown more sophisticated and diverse in recent years. It still includes terrifying nutcases like the Rev. Don Spitz, self-appointed leader of the Army of God, which advocates killing abortion doctors and blowing up clinics, and is still largely based in hard-line elements of various Christian faiths. But it also includes the “post-abortion” movement, meaning women who now say they regret having abortions and mourn their unborn babies. Irrespective of political logic or coherence, it’s impossible for any adult, and especially any parent, to watch these women testify without a lump in your throat.

[The filmmakers] just want to depict the pro-life movement in its own terms, as it stands on the cusp (probably) of its greatest victory. If I had to guess, I would say the filmmakers are challenging the pro-choice movement to recognize that its opponents are people of deep conviction, and to examine its own beliefs in the harshest possible light.

Thanks to Christian for the link.