I’m “in the zone.” I’ve “jumped a train.” I’m hanging on to the story while it charges ahead.

The sequel to Auralia’s Colors has the tentative title Cyndere’s Midnight. And I’m going to be writing it on lunch breaks, coffee breaks, evenings, and weekends between now and the end of June.

It’s a “fairy tale for grownups”… a sort of Pan’s Labyrinth meets The Island of Dr. Moreau meets… um, would you believe Three Colors: Blue?

Anyway, here’s how you can help:

Tell me about your favorite monster.

A literary creature. A big-screen monster. It could be the Abominable Snowman. It could be Snuffaluffagus. It could be Hannibal Lecter. It could be John Carpenter’s The Thing. Something Stephen King wrote about. Mr. Hyde. Frankenstein. It could be Davey Jones from Dead Man’s Chest.

Which monster is the most interesting? The most disturbing? The most endearing? Why?

Your answers will inspire me, because I’m writing about a lot of monsters right now. It would do me some good to revisit some of the greatest.

And by the way, speaking of great monsters, I want to take a moment to remember Lloyd Alexander, the storyteller who created The Horned King. Alexander passed away last Friday. Here’s my note of appreciation.

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