The Lookout

J. Robert Parks: “I’m not arguing The Lookout is some kind of masterpiece. The bank robbery is fairly paint-by-numbers, and the blind character is one we’ve seen many times before, despite [Jeff] Daniels’s charisma. But this is the sort of movie Hollywood should be making–and getting behind. Movies that don’t insult your intelligence or make you feel dirty for watching. But because The Lookout has a small marketing budget, this is a movie where it’s up to the critics to let you know what you shouldn’t miss.”

Adam Walter blogs about it, saying it’s “a tense, engaging film with this endearing twist: it is very much a character piece first, and a thriller second. The film is also admirable for its unusual restraint. Though the storyline provides opportunity for violent and sexual excess, Frank knows that a little spice goes a long way. Rather than capitalizing on these elements, he shows the maturity of his cinematic vision in opting to focus on little character momements, on the interpersonal economy of ethics, the moral snowballing that makes and remakes a person.”

Jules Franco of CNS says “The Lookout shows us the sordid reality of criminal behavior. And it offers a redemptive message of how, paradoxically, letting go of the past and forgiving yourself can lead to the rediscovery of your true self.” He says Gordon-Levitt is “particularly riveting in a difficult role.” And notes that the film’s violence and sexual elements are portrayed “with relative restraint.”

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