Last night, I watched Into Great Silence.

I’ll be writing about it in detail soon, but I can tell you now: I doubt I’ll see a more affecting, inspiring, convicting work this year.

It opens in Seattle today. Go see it.

Be prepared. It’s almost three hours long, and it may feel more like five…. Get caffeinated.

Take your friends. Plan to discuss it afterward… but maybe not immediately.

It’s not a story. It’s an experience… a documentary that captures a way of life. Those critics that say the film is too long are completely missing the point — we simply cannot appreciate the lifestyle of these monks if we aren’t pushed beyond our comfort zone, if our patience isn’t tested, if we don’t experience the challenge of silence, of obedience, of humble adherence to ritual.

It may not be the most comfortable experience, but I can almost guarantee it will be good for you. You probably need this movie. I sure do. I’ll be going back to see it again and again, for so many reasons.

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