Oprah just picked The Road.

Wow. That’s gutsy. The Road is a dark, dark, dark post-apocalyptic work, from all that I’ve read about it. (Check out Adam Walter’s reaction.)

I just finished reading McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men, which is the subject of the next Coen Brothers film. And I kept thinking, all the way through, “This could have been written by the Coen Brothers. This feels custom-made to be the third and concluding chapter in the trilogy that begins with Blood Simple and Fargo.” Right down to the dialogue between the husband and wife whose marriage is the center of the story, you can just hear the Coens’ personality bleeding through.

Oh, and speaking of blood… yikes.

So I can’t wait for the film. And I’ve already ordered McCarthy’s The Road at the local library. This will be the first time I’ve read an “Oprah book” along with the rest of Oprah’s nation.

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