On March 6, I stepped down from my role as the chairman of the Faith and Film Critics Circle.

It was not a difficult decision: With all of the increasing demands on my time from the Through a Screen Darkly and Auralia’s Colors projects, it became obvious to me that I didn’t have the time or resources to be an effective leader for that particular endeavor anymore. I probably should have stepped down six months ago.

As I look back at the annual list of films we’ve celebrated, I’m still impressed at the group’s discernment and the interest in excellence and vision. I respect the work of each member of that group, and I’m sorry to have to dial down my involvement with them.

At this point, I still remain a member of the FFCC, and I’ll be interested to see what the current administrators, Ron Reed and Steven Greydanus decide is best for the Circle in the future. I’m grateful for their support and friendship, and for the faithful web support from Zach Kincaid at The Matthews House Project.

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