I want to thank

  • Melissa Flores of Maryland’s “The Listener Cafe” on the He’s Alive Network
  • Andrew Tallman of The Andrew Tallman Show in Phoenix, Arizona (I was scheduled for 15 minutes, but we ended up on the air for more than an hour! Really exciting chat.)
  • Georgene Rice of Portland, Oregon’s KPDQ
  • John Hall and Stephanie Fraschetti of WordFM in Pittsburgh
  • Dr. Albert Mohler of the Albert Moher Program in Kentucky

… for the way they welcomed me to their radio programs over the last several days. They asked great questions about Through a Screen Darkly and the Oscar contenders, and I went away feeling like I’d made some new friends.

If you didn’t hear any of these interviews, there will be more on the way.

Next up: Kim Jeffries on the KTIS program “Along the Way” in Minnesota tomorrow, and Michelle Mendoza on Seattle’s KCIS “Living Christian” on Friday.

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