I’m told that the box full of books should arrive on my doorstep this week.

Some copies have already been delivered to book reviewers.

Almost as long as I’ve been able to write my name on paper, I’ve wondered what this moment would be like… to hold my first copy of my own published book. I’m so weary from all of the writing and editing I’ve done recently, I hope I can stand up straight and appreciate it. It’s been a long strange trip.

Many, many thanks… not for the first time, and not for the last… to Alex Field and all of the people at Regal Books for making this happen. And to my agents, Lee Hough and Don Pape, for finding this project a home there. And to Marsha Marks, who had a wild idea one day and introduced me to Don Pape. This is all happening thanks to their enthusiasm, hard work, and grace.

Of course, I wouldn’t have met them or been able to do any of this if the Divine Choreographer Himself hadn’t brought us together. So, the greatest thanks of all to the Almighty.

And many thanks to you as well, for spending so much time in conversation with me about faith and art. Without those conversations, I wouldn’t have had a book to write.

Anyway, while we’re waiting for the book to arrive, you might enjoy perusing a collection of conversations I’ve been enjoying with various moviegoers, film critics, writers, and even one particular filmmaker. Check out Looking Closer’s Twenty-Five Favorite Films of 2006.