Yesterday, I read the Hollywood Reporter special roundtable conversation with directors David Lynch, Emilio Estevez, Nancy Meyers, Guillermo del Toro, Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris. I love the idea of David Lynch participating in a round-table discussion of ANYTHING, because he’s always inhabiting a very different reality from the rest of us.

Today, Jeffrey Wells has noted the same conversation in his blog. And in doing so, it occurred to me… why not blog about it, and pass along one of the interview’s most interesting questions?

At one point, the directors are asked to choose a moment from a movie… any movie… that they would “take with them into the afterlife.”

Lynch: “Oh, man. Okay. I guess, Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart discovering the mystery across the [courtyard] in Rear Window.”

Del Toro: The razor blade cutting the eye in Luis Bunuel’s Andalusian Dog.

Dayton: “Dustin Hoffman pounding on the glass in the church and Katharine Ross yelling “Ben!” in The Graduate.”

Estevez: “The last four minutes of Taxi Driver. It is so brutal;…so uncompromisingly violent and so shocking.”

Meyers: “There is this moment in Bringing Up Baby where Katharine Hepburn lands a butterfly net on Cary Grant’s head, and he gestures he wants to strangle her. That never fails to crack me up.”

Faris: “Abel Gance’s Napoleon. When I saw it and the end was projected on three scenes, that made me want to cry. It was all about the future of film and the past.”

So… how about it?

What Movie Moment is nearest and dearest to your head and heart?

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