This just came in as a comment on a previous post, but hey… I think it deserves a post all its own.

I’m copying and pasting it here uncut, without alteration:

I don’t believe Bono is a christian at all. the bible warns us of wolves in sheeps clothing, and with all that profanity in the article, wich the bible also tells us not to use. A true born again christian does not use that type of language.I know people who think God and Jesus curse and think it’s ok to do so. Not true how can you win a sinner to Christ if your doing the same things as the sinner. The Bible says to come out from among the world and be ye seperate. Sinning to win the sinner just don’t work. Bono may be a good person and help alot of people but that’s all. If Bono is a Christian Madonna ,Michael Jackson, Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels, And alot of other would be to because they give to good causes. but You can’t get to heaven on good works.

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