Since Peter Jackson has just made it offical… he’s not going to direct The Hobbit… the biggest guaranteed blockbuster on the “Coming Soon” list is now in need of a director.

MGM is probably going to have directors lined up begging for the job.

And I know who they should hire.

Consider this record:

  • The timeless, beautiful children’s film A Little Princess
  • Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, the best of the Potter film franchise so far
  • a standard-setting, earth-shaking science-fiction epic called Children of Men, one of this year’s top five movies

Yes, I’m talking about Alfonso Cuarón.

I can’t think of anybody better. He gets great performances from actors. He develops enthralling, otherworldly, completely convincing environments. He can do action and suspense brilliantly. With Children of Men, he’s made one of the most astonishing special-effects films ever made, with camerawork that will make your head spin.

He’s the one. Get him.

Guillermo Del Toro can do fantasy brilliantly, but he’s too dark and strange. The Hobbit needs to be whimsical.

Terry Gilliam’s fighting to convince even his fans that he can still make a good movie, after the disastrous Brothers Grimm and the reportedly misguided Tideland.

Spielberg? Forget it. Not his kind of thing.

Andrew Adamson? Please, Lord, no.

Anybody have a better idea?

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