The outspokenly Christian Baldwin brother, Stephen Baldwin, has an autobiography coming out, and in it, he criticizes Bono for working so hard to help the poor in Africa.

[Baldwin] writes of Bono in his upcoming autobiography THE UNUSUAL SUSPECT: MY CALLING TO THE NEW HARDCORE MOVEMENT OF FAITH, “You would do far more good if you just preached the gospel of Jesus rather than trying to get rid of Third World debt relief.”


So… Jesus didn’t want us to spend time taking any action and help the poor?

That parable of the good Samaritan was just a joke?

Jesus just wanted us to go around preaching?

Of course, Looking Closer would like to point out that Baldwin must not understand what Bono is doing at all. Bono is not trying to “get rid of Third World debt relief.” Quite the contrary… he’s trying to provide Third World debt relief.

Meanwhile, Baldwin is participating in events that feature exhibitions of extreme skateboarding performed for God’s glory. Good to see he has his priorities in line. Maybe instead of addressing poverty, they could save Africa by broadcasting those sweet half-pipe stunts to the children who are dying of AIDS.

Suddenly, I don’t think Keyser Soze is the most frightening Suspect anymore.


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