My interview with Wim Wenders will be up at Christianity Today Movies in a few days, but I will tell you this now: He praises Terrence Malick’s The New World as perhaps the most powerful big screen experience he’s enjoyed since 2001: A Space Odyssey.

What’s that? It just left the theaters in your neighborhood? You missed it? That’s okay. Most of America did.

But I must say… like Wenders, I include The New World on the very short list of the greatest cinematic experiences of my life, right up there with Kieslowski’s Blue and Wenders’ own Wings of Desire.

These films teach me how to see.

If you can find it on a screen anywhere, this may be your last chance. It’s been so poorly promoted, so criminally overlooked, that it probably won’t come back unless New Line shows phenomenal courage and re-releases it properly.

As Wenders put it, 2005 will probably be looked back on as “the year they overlooked The New World.”

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