[CORRECTION: Seems I was duped by a rumor about Sufjan Stevens remastering the Innocence Mission album. Truth is, he just really really loves it, and there’s a quote on the packaging of him raving about it.]

Two of the most beautiful voices in music.

Two married couples.

Two of my favorite bands.

Over the Rhine and The Innocence Mission.

And in 2006, we’ll be hearing new albums from both.

Over the Rhine’s new live record is about to ship to those who have ordered it through their Web site. If you’re one of those eager fans, you can pass the time by reading this excellent interview with Linford and Karin, written by Mark Moring, who is the editor of Christianity Today Movies (and their Music page as well.) You can also read about their recent visit to New Zealand here.

Meanwhile, The Innocence Mission are re-releasing their masterpiece, Birds of My Neighborhood, this time boasting the praise of Sufjan Stevens on the packaging. They’re working on a new record too. But before it arrives, you’ll have to pick up the new solo album from Don Peris: Go When the Morning Shineth. It’s an enchanting new collection of instrumentals and songs that let his guitar stylings really… uh… glow.

My review of Peris’s album will be posted by the end of the week.

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