Friday’s specials:

Well, I saw The New World again last night. Went with Anne and my new friend Mark Shea. We all basked in the glory, even though the beauty of Malick’s film was completely lost on the row of teenagers sitting behind us who talked through the entire film. They must have been disappointed by the lack of sex scenes, revenge plots, and things blowing up.

Anyway, this was my third viewing of The New World on the big screen, and it has officially passed my three-viewing test. It gets better every time. It’s not just going to be at the top of my Best of 2006 list… it’s going to be on my top ten all-time favorites list.

Cinematical’s Martha Fischer loves Sophie Scholl: The Final Days. Want to see a leading performance by an actress that’s better than any of the Oscar nominated performances? Check out Julia Jentsch in this film.

Aside from its truly awesome central performances, what’s most remarkable about Sophie Scholl is its immediacy. By cleverly limiting the presence of obvious period touches to scenes in which they have the greatest impact, Rothemund makes his film and Scholl herself instantly accessible to modern audiences. Rather than watching a movie about an untouchable hero who lived over sixty years ago, we feel we’re watching a flesh and blood person make extraordinary decisions – and, most importantly, we’re left with the conviction that some of us might be capable of doing the same.

If you’re still unsure whether or not to buy a ticket, look at these reviews!

Dennis Haysbert will play the imprisoned Nelson Mandela, and Joseph Fiennes will play his prison guard in Billie August’s Another impressive cast lines up for We Own the Night. (via Cinematical)

Another impressive cast lines up for We Own the Night: Wahlberg, Walken, Phoenix!

Eva Green (The Dreamers, Kingdom of Heaven) is the next Bond girl.

I guess when I visited the set of X-Men: The Last Stand, I was indeed visiting a scene from the last X-Men movie. At least, that’s what director Brett Ratner says. (via Cinematical)