… let me tell you this now:

The next movie that I will be raving and raving about, and exhorting everyone to get out and see, is the Oscar-nominated film out of Germany:

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days.

Remember how the best parts of The Silence of the Lambs were those scenes in which Agent Starling faced Hannibal Lecter and wrestled with him in debate?

Imagine a movie with at least an hour more of those confrontations–intense, furious battles of conscience and wits. When you watch Sophie Scholl face a Nazi interrogator in an epic battle, you’ll be drawn to the edge of your seat. Julia Jentsch is already the front-runner for best actress of 2006, in my book. Her performance here is riveting.

My review will be posted at Christianity Today and I’ll be writing about it for SPU’s Response as well.

Further, let me say that Christians should spread the word that this is a must-see. It’s as important a film about faith as anything since The Passion of the Christ. Fortunately, it’s also very well made.

I’m predicting that 2006 is going to be twice as good a film year as 2005. It’s only mid-January, and I’ve already seen THREE films that will probably have prominence in a year-end Top Twenty list – A New World, Tsotsi, and now Sophie Scholl: The Final Days. Must-sees, every one.

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