Cory Edwards, former director of contemporary Christian music videos, just watched his first feature film, the animated Weinstein picture Hoodwinked!, win the weekend box office race.

Congratulations, Cory! You’re in very rare company, being the first professing Christian to make a #1 movie since Scott Derrickson did it with The Exorcism of Emily Rose!

Of course, being #1 is just a blessing. What really matters is whether or not the movie is good. I’ve seen Hoodwinked!, and I recommend it. It’s a hoot AND a holler, and it features the most memorable mountain goat the screen has ever seen.

And speaking of popular movies based on stories written by believers…

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe will be available for your DVD player on April 4, according to NarniaWeb.

And speaking of films made by Walden Media, here’s a peek at what they’re doing next… (Hint: Any fans of Isabel Allende out there?)

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