The 2006 Glen Workshop – Registration is underway!

Poetry – Scott Cairns, Jeanine Hathaway
Fiction – Bret Lott
Spiritual Writing – Paula Huston
Playwriting/Screenwriting – Arlene Hutton
Seminar – Fr. David Denny
Drawing from Life – Barry Moser
Mixed Media – Barry Krammes
Mosaic – Ginger Geyer
Songwriting – Over the Rhine
Musician-in-Residence – Pierce Pettis

Here are the details,
the faculty list,
the online registration pages,
and a photo album from last summer’s Glen Workshop.

(There’s an amusing photo of me trying to look serious, and I’m wearing a shirt that will have special significance to a few of you who attended an entirely different event with me a while back…)

I hope to see you in Santa Fe in August!