If a show about Muslims were written by sarcastic evangelicals who liked to poke fun at Islam, can you imagine the cultural outcry across America? That show would be shot down so fast, you wouldn’t have time to say “politically incorrect!”

Now, imagine a show in which Jesus himself is a regular character who pals around with a priest. Imagine it’s written by “a recovering Catholic” who is apparently very interested in the idea of reincarnation, and who thinks a lot of the “myth” surrounding Christ may be untrue…

Does that show get shot down?

No. It’s gets a prime time spot on NBC, and any Christians who cry foul are just “of little faith,” apparently. I mean, why get all riled up about prime-time blasphemy and network-broadcast disrespect?

Here’s Media Girl’s mainstream take on “The Book of Daniel.”

If ever a show needed some Act One graduates to enact a hostile takeover, this sounds like the one.

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