Look who showed up in the comments on the Disappointing Movies thread!

Hi Jeffrey…and, uh…hi, Peter.

Jeffrey, I’ve been reading your blog pretty regularly — it’s great. Because of you I’ve been listening to “Ohio” by Over the Rhine for the last six weeks. Wim Wenders stayed at my house a few weeks back, and said that it’s one of his current favs, and I bought him a copy of Drunkards Prayer before he went back home to Germany.

As for this list, I’d put Jarhead at the top of mine. You know David Blane — the self-impressed, good-looking, pretentious magician who doesn’t actually do any tricks? Jarhead is the David Blane of war movies: self-impressed, good-looking, pretentious war movie without any fighting. Two and half hours about tedium is, well, tedious. Profoundly disappointing given Sam Mendes talent and the fact that the trailer was one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Thanks, Scott! I’m glad you’re enjoying Over the Rhine. They’ve given us so much musical treasure.

I probably would have included Jarhead in my Top Ten Disappointments if I’d seen it, but by the time it had opened I had heard so many discouraging reports that I decided to save my moviegoing dollars for other things. (I’ve never been a Sam Mendes fan. Talent? Oh yeah. But his choice of screenplays is consistently frustrating.) I hope you’ll revisit us with your Top Ten Films of 2005. I’d love to see your list. (I’m still working on mine. Haven’t quite decided on a #1 film yet.)

And congratulations again on the success of The Exorcism of Emily Rose, which provoked some of the most exciting conversations about film I encountered this year! I can’t wait to see what you do next.

(Anyone interested in digging into Mr. Derrickson’s thoughts on filmmaking, faith, and horror, here’s a link to my conversation with him for SPU’s Response magazine.)

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